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Definitely, somedays are better than others. On a good day, I might feel quite energetic. In fact, I could call today a good day. meditation and stretches to start the day off. A full day of work with a super bunch of people; did not even feel like work in actual fact. Family walk along the river was amazing. Healthy food all day with plenty of fruit and vegetables. I had the energy and patience to cut up a salad for my lunch, I always think that’s got to be a good day when I can be so bothered. On the contrary, on a bad day, it may be a packet of soup or noodles and a can of coke. That surely makes me miserable for the whole afternoon. Even changed the beds today morning so where did that energy come from.

This is menopause. People that have had to put up with me these last few months must think I am quite absurd. One day happy and one day miserable, oh yes the mood swings. The good thing is that I have come to realise my downers and I try my best to control them. Evening Primrose Oil I think helps a lot. I am not one for medication but I will stick by this one for a little bit longer. There are soya supplements which a friend of mine says is very helpful.

When my patients start complaining about sleeping so little and they are around the fifties age, I say to myself  “tell me about that one, know it all”. Then comes the tiredness, foggy brain, forgetfulness, after all, what can you expect if you don’t sleep well.  Hot flushes in some cases can be a real bother – I am waiting for mine. Heard so much about them and how horrible they are, I surely can do without them.

Back to feeling energetic, good food, exercise and being organised probably has been the key to success today. I need to remember these. If I have a bad day, let it pass over and be mindful not to upset too many people along the way. Calm and easy, I keep telling myself. There is already too much going on in the world and I don’t need to now start my menopause saga. Sorry, all. Be healthy and be happy.

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