Positive Thoughts.


I have eaten the sweetest nectarine possible. It felt fresh. It brought in some brain energy and filled me up with a strong sense to write something totally positive. I feel confused about whether this world is messed up or is actually a nice place. Illness everywhere, black lives matter, the cruelty of authorities, ego, anger, jealousy, fear – these are all such terrible things going on all around me that even after a great evening in our bubble and watching a hilarious movie, I am still confused.

Meditation helped to get back to normal thoughts. I am a doctor and should understand back pain. These days I get so much of back pain which is not something I am able to understand. I don’t like going to see doctors unless absolutely necessary, so of course, I am not going. Trying yoga and stretches with back exercises I am hoping it will get better. Constant pain is awful and I fully sympathise with people who have to live with chronic pain.

My daughter has left a book called -The Power of Positive Thinking, which I am going to read today. UK corona situation is better now but my whole extended family is in India. It is worrying to hear about the lack of beds, doctors dying, more and more people becoming COVID positive. It becomes difficult to enjoy things when such is going around in the world. Happiness is a positive feeling which people say helps with immunity and releases good hormones. With worrying thoughts and a heavy heart, how is one supposed to be happy? Well, blogging certainly helps in feeling better. Have a good day.

5 thoughts on “Positive Thoughts.

  1. Sorry you’re in pain and hope you find some relief.

    I suffer from chronic intense knee pain. I’m frustrated because isurance denied the recommended gel injections and docs won’t sign me off as disabled.

    Sending wishes for the health of your loved ones in India!

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