Mask for protection

Travelling is easier these days. Or not. You can go from one corner to another of the world in a few hours. I do love to travel but these days with the coronavirus looming large what should we do. Unless it is absolutely necessary I prefer a staycation in such situations but my tickets were done way back in last year. I am going to India tomorrow and for the first time I am taking masks with me. Regardless of whether it will help or not but I feel we can take precautions and then take the chance. A lot of people must be in the same predicament. We shouldnโ€™t have to though. What is the way out? And so we keep going as long as it will keep us happy.


17 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. I think we should all go about living. The world is far too integrated to prevent disease transmission so continue having experiences while you can!!

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