Road trip in Bihar.

Loving my holidays.

Rising Sun

Road trip in Bihar, India is what we decided to do for my holidays this time. We thought, best to start as early as possible. It was dark when we left home and as we were leaving the city of Patna , the fog was beginning to lift and the orange hue started spreading across the horizon and finally the very strong sun began to rise. It was beautiful. There was so much happiness that came with this wonderful and exhilarating soft orange ball far far away.

Roadside Dhaba

Dhaba has a romanticism around it which is hard to describe. Masala tea with stuffed paratha was our breakfast at the cafe / dhaba . The tea is freshly made with cardamom. On a cold morning in the sunshine having chai is pure bliss. You have to experience this when you are here in some authentic roadside dhaba. Keeping expectations at a low level is what let’s me enjoy the authenticity of India.

My moms best tip for long journeys is don’t drink too much fluid. Yes of course toilets are still an issue but much better . They were just about clean enough . The flush worked. So I am not complaining really but simply telling you the one issue we felt.

Villages with hay and mud huts looked so climate friendly. I wanted to stop in one of those and look inside but kept my desire for another opportunity. The water pumps, men chatting in groups while they brushed their teeth, women doing house chores , cows and children everywhere with safety in Gods hands – was like watching a live BBC documentary as our car kept going slowly through these little hamlets. Twenty first century with a real twist.

Some beautiful views – this is of Tilaiya Dam. It is in the neighbouring state of Jharkhand. If this place was in a developed country it would definitely be having a resort around it and some hotels. I am sure they will build some here too very soon. At this moment and time everything still is pure and pristine.

Bihar still remains one of the poorest states of India but with it comes the fact that it is untouched. I love it all.

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