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Many too often I have encountered people saying : will the place have toilets , I need the toilet as soon as I feel it. Planning journeys and stops so friends and relatives don’t feel uncomfortable. Make sure the museum, malls, gardens,historic sites will have toilets even before we think about leaving the house. “Don’t leave the house without going to the toilet.” Just GO.

We can have so many limitations in and around us. Physical constraints we cannot help sometimes. Nothing much can be done about urgent need to go to the toilet but it might be worth talking to a doctor if you have the inclination to take tablets or do some pelvic floor exercises. Another issue , people may have limitations about taking tablets. We need to make choices balancing our quality of life but some have made so many adjustments in their thinking that they are happy with them needing the toilet very quickly.

Spontaneity can bring a lot happiness and interest in life. I am sure we all have examples of Get up and Go ,and the enjoyment we had on the day or by that action. We think about risks with these actions later. Being fearless is part of it. Being young is part of it .The brains are young, the body is young. Brains,heart and bladder all work to the maximum capacity. Stretch,stretch and stretch  then may be let go. It will be ok.

Mental limitations are a big part of curbing our own happiness. We make so many walls and shields around us that it stops us from thinking freely and enjoying life to the fullest. Think about your limitations and work with it to better it and overcome it. I am not saying its easy but if you dont think about it how are you going to cross it. Talk about it and you will know, all of us have some limitations. May be its not wrong to have these as long its not in the  way of living a life that you want to live.

Be happy -help yourself when possible. Others may be there to help you. Speak about it. We must strive to be happy whichever or whatever way we like.

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  1. I really thought this was going to just talk about the limitations on traveling based on toilet locations. The ending made this a great post!

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