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Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Living inside a painting, I could imagine myself standing in the painting with rolls and rolls of beautiful hills around me. They are gentle and soothing ,not high to be scarry but difficult to get to the top still.Walking paths all over. Weather not too warm.
Smiley face
This certainly brought a smile to our faces.
Ribblehead Viaduct
This is what we put on our navigation, but with all the chatting took one small turning and then instead of hour and a half reached in three hours. Destination was fixed but journey became longer.Once somebody told us ,when you have started the journey -don’t worry you will reach your goal. There it was 1875 built Viaduct.

And the train
Functional or not was the question , low and behold along comes the train ,and the romanticism of the whole place got even better.
So is that whats under these rolls of hills, Caves going in and coming at another end. Probably dotted around – I love imagining .
Kids going inside the cave
A summer camp from a nearby school, kids well geared up for going inside the caves with wellies and helmet,which we didnt have.The caves had water in them.
Pretty site.
All classic novels have a scene like this , it comes up live in such places .

We had a lovely day in the Dales,and to end it well ate some Brymor Ice cream in the beautiful sunshine.
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