House is so quiet.

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Sudden ghost like silence through the house. Well its the IPL cricket finals going on and husband and son busy watching but I think they are waiting for the decision on run out for Dhoni and he is OUT. They are both stunned and I am looking at them smiling. Come off it guys, surely Dhoni will live on and so will the team.

Its so funny to watch others so engrossed in the games. Love it in some ways and wonder in some ways. We really miss our son not playing cricket anymore. He played for a local club for many years and two years also for the county but now as they grow older the interest and time takes different turns. To some extent our fault as well , as we don’t get time enough to do the taxi-ing around from practices and matches.

Cricket mums and dads become a family .It has been pleasure being part of it. Every week meeting them, evenings and also weekends, sharing the fears of the teams, the catches, the runs, the drinks, it  has all been so lovely. The county festivals were held far away and being with the group for 5 days or so is great. We develop such immense respect for the coach.The coaches are extremely dedicated, giving up so much time for our kids. Year end having a gala night is a great way to finish the season. Have wonderful memories and will always cherish them.

Looks like after all CSK will survive and I can hear them breathe normally. Happiness for which ever team wins. They seem to be having a great time with their dinners in front of the television. Happiness all around.

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