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Who takes your call ?


There is work and there is life.

As a doctor one can get taught about faced with a dilemma in various situation, get tested on them and feel confident that you are going to be alright. At least one knows to work through ethical prinicples and GMC duties and get some answers. If still no answers I ring our defence union and somebody else does the work and gets the answers. Most of the times it will work in patients best interests and problem is solved.

In life and in realilty , I face situations where I am torn between kids, husband, myself, bank balance, relatives, friends and so many more things. I am sure, you are too faced with real time dilemmas all the time and you have to make a choice. Things are thrown at your face and you remain stunned by situations. Comparisons, greed, wanting to give it back to them in their face leave you doing wrong things sometimes in life.

How do you take the right decisions? I am asking you and not giving you an answer. When I was younger my parents would take my call and would tell me what to do and it always turned out to be right for me. But after my Dad passed away, I don’t like bothering my mother with my issues. She has had to deal with a lot herself. She does not need more from me.

You know what I do though, when temptation starts taking the better of me and I feel forced to do something where I may not be so comfortable, I ask myself -What would Papa have said to me now, what would he expect from me , what would he think about this decision and the other. I really do get the right answer and I believe in the answer with full faith. Thats to say the least , He still takes my calls.

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