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To be part of a good team definitely makes work easier. When jobs are tough, to have a colleague that can distract minds and help people get over discomfort is such a great assest to have. Able to talk to people that one has rarely met and help them with health problems is what one of our nurses does very well. Its fun working with team members who understand each other. Today somebody asked me towards the end of day if I had had a hard day-quickly the day rolled in front my eyes and I actually said- not really, but in fact it was pretty tough going but never felt it.

Talk about distraction, I mean I have been told to have chickens in my back garden. No of course not. In my urban little property there is no chance of keeping hens and chickens but it made the serious atmosphere completely hilarious and no injection or pain was felt. Must say everybody was relaxed and people had a good laugh at my expense. Not bothered.

Everybody welcomes comments and new different ways of working in our place. One has to respect each other. Be able to go for lunches or night outs. Bowling nights are fun which we haven’t managed lately. Having compassion for the whole world but not for your own team is no good. One has to learn to understand every member alike otherwise things become dysfunctional. Sometimes we work in a very big organisation but still there will be a close knit group that will have to work together.

Sometimes people become so stressed because they are unable to talk to their line managers or higher ups if they are unhappy with their job role. Communication should be encouraged among staff to keep the team healthy. People should be able to talk about their issues freely.Honesty from all is required to keep people going without any extra burden. These days due to what ever reason work in most places has become more pressured so work place environment is so essential to keep the workforce happy. Empathy is absolutely necessary for the wellbeing of all in a team.

Hope all you out there love your jobs, if you don’t may be have a word with somebody and they will be able to help you. One has to be happy what ever be the circumstances.

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