Todays plan was only to watch TV, may be a bit of house work , lots of food left over from a get together last night so no need for the usual Sunday cooking. So what did I actually do. My husband as usual is over enthusiatic about anything and everything. So today he needed to buy a pair of new running shoes and he wouldn’t go alone so kept nudging me – come on , come on. Oh man- what do you do-all plans of lazing gone down the drain- up and ready-lets go shoe shopping and a smile on the face but still some grumpiness showing-why did you get me out,my intention was to only watch TV today. Better not, better not say it aloud.

Ok shoe measured , price paid, husband happy – then I remembered -I am paying for three mobiles phones and the contracts have come to an end.I am best of checking with these mobile companies for some offers and if possible change them. Ok put the proposal out for some more shopping to be done to my dear husband.He thinks great- yes do it.Ok. Lets do it. My plans of a lazy Sunday getting worse by the minute.

Loads of mobile companies with their own products and deals,we kept going from one to the other and they show more and more deals and more and more money with much more GBs. Really, normal people like us dont need so many GBs. 3GB will be enough . Check daughters , husbands and my date usage and yes 3 GB will be more than enough for each of us. Problem is 5GB is available at a good price. Actually 25 GB at an even better price. Really, what will we do with so much data. No we will stick with minimum prices ,reasonable GB and sim only deals. Finalised.Phew -big job done.Three mobiles sorted.

I had been procrastinating over this mobile issue for a few weeks.Now its done, I feel so much better for it. It is so important to get some unavoidable jobs done and dusted rather than mulling over it. Sooner the better . One more thing- like it or not, its alright to listen to husbands most times.Oh yes I do love him.

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