Friday Night

Its such a great feeling of Friday, cant beat it. All the adrenaline of the week is finished on Friday night-no routine, friends , TV, take away-that really sums it up for me. Essentially then lack of adrenaline is good.

I finish early on a Friday and I love to prepare a three course dinner .Don’t say that I do it every Friday- that would be so abnormal. Some days kids will help especially with dessert. Not sure but girls and boys all like to bake in my house. Lemon drizzle seems to be the favourite.

When my daughter is studying I keep all ingredients ready for various types of cakes because baking seems to be the stress buster for her. Oven on, pots ,pans, flour, butter, eggs, clitter ,clatter and before you realise dessert is ready. Don’t rush into eating -lets wait till the end. It finishes within minutes-a whole cake. Wow we do well. This sweet craving takes the better of all of us.

Late night craving for sweet- do you get it- in our house this is a big problem, a quick drive to the nearest late night store and the craving is fulfilled. Its left us with some crazy memories and always brings a smile on our faces.

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