Yes thats a cup of tea- Chai. Love a good cup of tea – can’t wake up without it, break never done without a cup of tea, a good chat has to have tea in it, busy day can’t be handled without a super good cup of tea. When all jobs are done at the end of the day, then relaxation enhanced with a good cup of tea , in front of TV on the couch. No, no, cut out the biscuits please.

Tea and cake is the highlight on walks for us , especially in the countryside. Home made cake, scones, teacakes-anything will do but the best factor is tea in a pretty cup and saucer set. Quirky little cafes is what we tend to look out for on our day outings. After any venture we have to find that cafe with red cheque table cloth and the best bone china cups. It is mostly English breakfast tea that we have. At home its PG tips.

Occasionally will have herbal teas but not much.No green tea for us.Not sure , havent been able to like it inspite of so many benefits floating around. Masala chai- on a cold day is too good with ginger  and also onion bhajis. Quintessential on a rainy day in India.

Friends and family – chai is necessary. It gives you a great excuse to sit longer. Out comes more gossip and chats. In that chat comes support and problems get solved without realising. I am telling you ,so therapeutic if you have chai and chat. Get into a habit-its really good.




6 thoughts on “Chai

  1. Already addicted to masala tea,can never have enough of it…..can really identify with all the ideas that have been put regarding tea time

  2. Too good a read.. relished it! Tea with a tete-a-tete is what you look forward to as an excuse to relax. Well thought of Rishi

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