Do you cook?

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Yes, of course , we have to cook. But , what do you cook is the question.

Well , recently I have discovered Thai food.They can be easy to make, teenagers eat it and so we are making Red Thai chicken curry with sticky rice at least once a week.A bit of greens to go with it and it makes a tasty family meal.Gets us all on the table some sweet talk about the day and school lunch , generally then ending up in some debatable topic and a bit of healthy argument. Well fed household for sure.

We all like mexican food- easy to make and batch cooking helps so its one of my favourites for evening meals. It can be vegetarian or with mince so works well in our house as my husband is a vegetarian.

You can’t beat good Indian meals-at least two to three days we eat Indian.Yes there is chinese and stirfrys somedays, then there is italian -pasta or pizza.

I dont like cooking everyday-because that entails washing and cleaning everyday and there isn’t so much time somedays so I have to prepare few dishes on Sundays to save the week from take aways and frozen food.

Cooking is a good stress buster , but it has to be special food for me to want to cook. Special in the sense something new, interesting and tasty. I love cooking channels on TV. My friends will share some great recipes and I do like trying them out. Easy is the key word in cooking for me. Straightforward is so much better.

Whats the favourite in your house ? Share some more ideas of easy cooking.

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