Early mornings

In fact very early morning-driving by myself -no child to drop,husband agrees when required, still quite dark and of course cold. Cold inside the car and outside takes the better of me. How long can it take for the inside to get warm . Come on quick.

Much better now. News coming on now. Not sure what was playing before that . Driving up North still dark and misty . Very straight road . Looked on my left side over the hills through the mist little twinkling lights in the far – wow so pretty . So dark and low visibility but these starry lights still brightening the coldness .

Look to my right – sun breaking out and the orange pink yellow fire coming through the clouds . Sun slowly breaking through all darkness and mist. Nothing is stopping it. As if saying – you can’t stop me.

Cup of coffee and muffin always starts the day well. Met so many new people today . As usual again told them about my blogging as I always do -can’t stop the excitement. They all opened the site and got my stats up- shameful isn’t it but hey ho that’s what you do.

Back home after a long day -you won’t believe this – a good catch up of The Good Wife before bed.

Good night all.

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