indian people in traditional clothing dancing
Bollywood dancing is catchy and energetic. As soon as the music starts I have to get off the chair to dance, be a small gathering or large. Most of the time I don’t even know the lyrics but the music is tremendous. Completely carefree of who is around me, I take to the beats and keep going almost throughout the party. Friends join in invariably and we do a great job of the evening.

Yesterday we were at a garden party with live music and the singer was singing songs from eighties and nineties, the ones we have been brought up with. It was mesmerising to go afloat into times bygone alongside being very much present on the dance floor for the night.

It was warm with cool breeze and the half moon was bright over the trees. Excellent food, drinks and chatting made the evening beautiful. We had all met after a long time. Children were back from university and they were happy to meet each other. Socializing was at its best. Thank you to the couple who organised it and brought so much happiness amongst us.

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