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Avatar: The Way of Water


A late night movie is fun but watching a three hour one is questionable. Media and my son had huge recommendations to go for Avatar. Sunday night always goes by slow so we often end up at Showcase Cinema to see something with our discount cards. It is nice to have a few pounds off the ticket price.

Avatar is full of adventure and captivating till the end. The graphics are amazing. Storyline brings in social values with emotions and mystery. How much more can one expect? May be the first half an hour will feel like a drag but once the story starts you cannot get off the chair. All in all a beautiful movie.

Yesterday our children went back to their universities. Husband and myself were left to look at each other or the television. The idea of cinema was very appropriate and we averted the slow sad evening into an action packed showtime. I would certainly call it good use of time, well spent, leaving behind a trail of happiness.

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