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There are multiple different ways to get married. Cultures, religions, beliefs, and countries have different ways of doing the same thing. Basically a marriage ceremony is a wedding.

Whatever said and done it is a happy occasion to celebrate a relationship. I absolutely love to attend a wedding especially in India where mostly it is a big fat one. The amount of money and preparations that go into these few days is phenomenal.

I might differ in my opinion of spending so lavishly over a day. Yes, of course, it has to be special but the definition is different. Recently I met a doctor who is getting married soon. She is wearing a second hand wedding dress to save money and also for sustainability. I do respect her for her decision.

My wedding was extremely low budget with six friends in common clothes in a temple in Patna. It was a run away one so there was not much choice. I still have the sweetest memories from nearly twenty six years ago. Perhaps it all boils down to the memories we make on this special day.

Have a lovely day ahead and think of a special occasion you have had. Always brings happiness.

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