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Train Travel

Sun uprising with colours galore.

Going to Leeds early morning can be exciting. I took the 7.35 am train. Husband dropped me off at the quaint station . It was still dark when we started from home but as the train was leaving Yarm, the sky started to light up.

The train soon reached Northallerton and within minutes left. Few people got on and some got off.

I keep imagining what everyone must have in store for them as the day goes. Most people have a back pack with them and so do I. One doesn’t need much for a two day course. The bag feels heavy with the laptop. It is mostly working age women and men on the train. I bet the later trains will have some older folks.

Some little sounds of conversations and constant droning of the train is quite peaceful. Shortly the train arrives at Thirsk. These are all really cute market towns of the North of England. Most of the high streets are charming with their town halls with clock towers, shops and pubs. Each one of them is worth a visit especially with Christmas coming.

Next stop is York. There is now a lot more people on the train . York is a big place and sure enough must employ a lot of these commuters. My most favourite place near us is by far York. I like roaming around its cobbled streets which are narrow compared to modern standards.

The ticket master came and checked my tickets which I had bought on Trainline app. It is so convenient and reliable, I had no idea. On this train you are generally supposed to buy your ticket beforehand. This young man standing in front of me doesn’t have a ticket. You will always see a few who try their luck.The TT was courteous, brought a machine, got him to purchase a ticket and said “Cheers Buddy”. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was a lovely and professional gesture from the calm railway guy.

One person is reading a book, another a magazine. The lady opposite me is dressed in formal clothes and going through some papers, perhaps has a presentation to do. The young girl is on her phone and so am I, writing my blog. Can’t imagine starting a day with my blogging. Loving it all.

We have reached York. It is a beautiful old station. It is raining here and umbrellas and raincoats look like in fashion as people are getting down. Train nearly became empty as we reached but then a huge crowd came in here. The stations after here are Leeds and Manchester, hence the bigger crowds I would imagine.

I now have somebody sitting beside me and I don’t want people looking at me typing constantly. I am off to Leeds to study for two days and looking forward to it. Have a lovely day everyone. Be happy and enjoy whatever you are doing.

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