Vague and Wonderful.

Redcar Sunset.

I still get it wrong. My V to my W pronunciation. My kids don’t understand that this differentiation I learnt in UK and not in India. I make a conscious effort to round my lips to say W and bite my lips to say the V. I am getting there.

Life is wonderful because there are things that are vague. From work to home, things are never clear cut. Symptoms being told by patients seem vague in the beginning, then we start putting them all together and then make up a hypothesis to formulate a treatment plan. If it was not vague, there would be no fun.

I keep learning new things everyday. Hindi language is my mother tongue and to keep it strong I always have to make an effort. My husbands Hindi skills are way stronger than mine and I have to clarify things with him all the time. I heard a couplet today morning and I had to ask him to explain it word by word. It all became vague to wonderful.

Yesterday we wanted to buy vegan mayonnaise because my husband is nearly vegan. He eats dairy. The look of it still was not appealing to him. I had to tell him off, ‘this is the only life you have got, is it really worth looking at the colours of the sauce rather than actually eat and enjoy it.’ He was dumbfounded by my words. It still did not persuade him to buy it. We laughed about it later. Vegan to vague to wonderful elements of life.

Let things flow anyway they want, end result will be fine and happy. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Let it flow and live each moment as if it were the last, enjoying every moment without harming anyone is what we should always do because we are only passing through this wonderful world.
    A pleasure to read you.

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