Cleared Up.

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All through winter I had kept bags of things that needed to go for recycling, in our garage. There was a television, a monitor, wires, bulbs, books, clothes, quite a few mop heads for some reasons, an old computer table, computer chair and many other things. They had been collecting on and around our ping pong table and there was no space to play anymore.

This weekend husband and me, were determined to do a big clear out. He generally is not good at DIY but when it came to dismantling the chair and table, he was great. Both the big things were back to a flat pack stage so fairly easy to take in the car.

Post covid, we now have to book slots for a visit to the recycling centre with all our household waste. We had a lot so we needed to book two slots and make the journey twice. Our waste plant is well organised and a lot of people are there to help, so that everything gets thrown in the right skip. Wood with wood, garden waste with all the greens, metal in one area, TV and computers in one area. It is all done very efficiently.

I must say it is so satisfying to see all the bags cleared up and then all dust cleaned from the ping pong table ready to have the matches again. Lots of space to move around too. Late in the afternoon we went and got a few three star balls for table tennis. Hurray we can play again. Fun and happiness restored with the garage cleared up.

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