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Food and drinks.

Weekend goes by much too quickly. Before we know Sunday night is here and we are all prepped for Monday morning and the week ahead.

My weekend started with a facial appointment and haircut on Friday evening, which meant a busy afternoon and evening so dinner had to be simple. Pizza with salad and dessert did the trick for a Friday night meal.

Saturday, well spent shopping with a friend. I rarely do anything like this where only two friends go out for a trip. Thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Had a superb lunch with her, sitting in peace with coffee afterwards with some great exchanges and chin wag. After this trip, I would definitely want to do more of similar days, it was relaxing and carefree.

In the evening we had to go for a birthday party of another friend. Previously we used to go for kids parties but now doing our own is really nice. Once more great food and also a bit of alcohol made the day finish on a huge high.

Sunday, that is today, in UK, is Mothers Day. A card with some gifts made me feel special. We went on a walk in the moors with another lovely lunch. Too much eating over the weekend. To end the weekend we went for an Indian movie with another couple. I mean, really that is fun galore for the weekend.

Hope you all had a good one too. Love and happiness does make YOLO feel worthwhile.

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