This is something I am getting confused with.

She is brimming with confidence.

She is arrogant.

I definitely like people who are confident and I definitely dislike people who are arrogant.

In my experience when people cannot learn, that is when they are arrogant and they don’t realise their mistakes. People who are confident will understand others point of view and change accordingly. Confidence does not stop you from being receptive, one can still empathise. Arrogance stops one from changing.

Some days I don’t understand whether I am confident or arrogant. I am going to try hard to understand myself and make sure I don’t lean towards arrogance. This next week I am going to ask people to tell me what they think about me. Feel free to tell me your opinion and lets see my reaction.

To have happiness around yourselves, definitely we need to give up arrogance.

21 thoughts on “Arrogant

  1. πŸ’œ We ARE Born then Looked After as Helpless, InArticulate Babies EveryOne; then We Become Terrible Articulate Toddlers and Start Asking Parents DIFFICULT!!! Questions usually prefixed with “WHY!!!…?” and then Towed in to Parental Line…in short; both “Arrogance” and “Confidence ARE matters of Perception; for example I Used to THINK!!! Elite Athletes like Tennis Players 🎾 😎 πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ 🀣 πŸ˜‚ 😏 🎾 were “Arrogant” and NOW!!! I KNOW!!! that They ARE Simply Proud, “Confident” Human Beings who ARE actually Quite Fragile at Their Core:



  2. Profound! How to be confident? Self acceptance , self love , self respect are the key to earn self confidence while practicing humbleness, so that you can never be arrogant.

  3. I like this piece. Always good to look at ourselves as through a mirror brightly. And I love your confidence- it is part of what makes you such a beautiful writer.

  4. Yesss I totally agree! Arrogance not only gives off a bad impression to others, it shows clearly how a person thinks about themselves. They so caught up in their world that they don’t consider anyone else. I was once friends with someone who was so arrogant….and her qualities pushed me away from her once I realized how arrogant she truly was. This woman thought she knew everything, always thought she was better than the next, always put herself above others, thought negative of people under her, and you couldn’t tell her anything different than what she believed to be true. It’s a ugly trait that’s highly despised….yet they won’t care to change since it’s who they are, which is why I stay away from arrogant people.

  5. Arrogance-They believe they know it all and aren’t willing to learn. Confidence is when you know who you are, but are willing to continue learning. Arrogance is loud, while confidence is quiet.

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