Child in you!!

a kid with multicolored hand paint
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Sister Magdalene, our class teacher in year nine, always told us to keep the child, inside you, alive. The ability to wonder at your surroundings can be thrilling. Fearless to some extent, ready to have a go at things, amazement at new things. Excitement gets the adrenaline rush and keeps me going through the day especially when I am in new places.

My father had a great ability to appreciate anything and everything that came his way. His being somewhere brought happiness around him. When we got new books for a new school year, that evening he would sit and look through them, he used to smell new books then cover them with brown paper. The shine in his eyes was amazing. Very few times had I seen him without enthusiasm and he would have good reasons for it.

I do really want to keep the child in me alive. Even in old age, looking at nature with birds and flowers, listening to the sounds around us, smelling the morning mist, experience the cold on my arms should keep me going. It is hard to keep up our spirits high all the time but we must endeavour for happiness as much as possible.

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