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Day Out.


Darlington to Edinburgh is a two hour journey by train. It has been ages since we travelled anywhere. Darlington station is deserted at 7 am. Smell of coffee and croissants is engulfing the air. The excitement to go on train is coming back.

Nobody could be seen, in fact lucky with corona virus still lingering. The train takes us along the English countryside and the coastline. Before you realise and get the coffee down, we were in Waverly station in Edinburgh. We could come out on the old side or the new side of the city. It does not matter really. The charm and mystique is all around.

The university buildings are old and new.

A charming courtyard as you enter the prestigious Edinburgh University. We wanted to have a sneak peak at the city and university before my son applies this year.

Every building and street has a wonderful character to it. It was a lot to take in for one day.

My mistake that I had not booked to see the castle from inside but even at the gates it gives a great sense of grandeur within. The castle dominates the city with its enduring position on the top of the hill. History oozing out of every corner of the town.

The sun was out, it was warm, people were relaxed. We had superb dinner before leaving Edinburgh at eight pm. Hope and happiness filled our day.

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