Parenting- No Matter What !!

Recently I attended an evening zoom meeting on parenting. It was great to know that a lot us had similar experiences of teenage children. Through out one theme was emerging and it was around support we provide for our children. People had come out of the other end and their experience was that kids are better off with knowing that parents are there for them, no matter what. I am sure it is not always possible but we can try.

Yesterday I happened to meet a few young mothers whose children are in primary school. There were talks around moving them to secondary school and which ones in the area are better. You have to believe in your children, what ever age they are. Patronising, the word, can describe a lot mothers, they really think they know the best. My biggest issue with that is, mothers and fathers don’t understand their own experience and how do they start to decide for their children. How can they think the best for their kids and decide on their behalf? My message to my younger counter parts was to believe and let go off children. No need to put our fears into their heads.

The new generation is a better breed than us, I think. They don’t judge people. They don’t think about race, gender, sex as I used to think when I was growing up. They definitely have more respect for the human race. They don’t have ulterior motives which I do sadly see in a lot of my acquaintances. Parents are not truthful to their children but expect them to be nothing but truthful, no matter what.

Broken families is becoming an issues more and more in our society and sadly it is for the right reasons. Even in these households children should get the balanced approach. Not all good or not all bad, surely is not the balance. We have to scold our kids when needed. We have to pamper them when needed. Any of this overdone, tips the balance.

Parenting role is the happiest and best thing that I have had. Of course, I have got my full share of challenges like all of you. The grumpy teenager, the tantrums from both sides, the stress of exam results, sleepless nights with them during exam time – name it and we have had our fair share of it all. And there is more to come as well, I know. But hey, would I have it any other way. Not at all. No matter what, I can do it all over again and be my happiest. Enjoy and cherish kids as they are. The best feeling is of giving love and be loved.

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