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What is the basic need for life? Food and water. We all agreed. But after this what do you think should be a basic right of every human being. We felt they were housing, health and education. Anybody who has all this, needs to ensure everyone around them also has these. That is what would be called a developed country.

Every human being should have a right to food, housing, health and education. These must be free of charge. This what living in UK has made me realise. Here the government definitely tries to achieve this to the fullest.

I do invariably end up comparing India to UK. There is much to be achieved in UK I feel, even when things are quite good here. India has reached no where near what it could have done. With COVID going berserk in India, the haves and have nots has shown a lot of differences which seem to be unrealistic ever to come at par.

My heart and head cry out nearly everyday seeing the condition of my birth countrymen. May God help India to achieve basic levels of happiness.

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