Broad Shoulders.

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Zoom Bombay jam dance session was going tough today and my shoulders were aching especially after the arms toning track. I put down a comment in chat box : ‘shoulders dead’. Our wellness instructor said : ‘Rishika, you have broad shoulders.’

Through out the day this phrase stuck to me. Every woman I know has a broad shoulder. We all take so much responsibility. Go over and beyond our capacities to give our best to families be it children, partners, parents or work.

Yesterday I met an old friend while walking and she told me that she was going to get a piece of cake then go over to check on her friend who is a single mother and getting treatment for breast cancer. Every person is going out beyond themselves to reach out and show some kindness. Broad shoulders have become broader with corona virus. People seem to be much kinder these days.

Whatever discrimination and prejudice we have had within ourselves, Covid times have shown us that they are futile. We must rise above such petty matters and treat people equally. Live and let live needs to be the mantra that we all can chant. I am really hoping for a better world after this covid era where we can all live a happier life.

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