Holocaust, Auschwitz, suffering, anger, pain but then comes forgiveness.

“Anger is a seed for war. Forgiveness is a seed for peace.”
           – Eva Kor

I read a book about Eva Kor, the suffering she endured with her twin during The Second World War, the pain it caused her. Loosing her family especially her mother seemed to be a pain which she struggled with the most. That loss is hard to get over with. She was able to forgive a lot of the acts that she had to bear with. The act of forgiveness by her helped her to get through the pain. The pain which had changed her whole being.

Forgiveness gives freedom from pain. Surely there is the law and justice systems to deal with punishment of perpetrators but if we can forgive within ourselves, it helps with the suffering which the victim has to go through. It will take a lot of strength to forgive. I feel it will bring happiness finally.

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