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Making more sense.

Christmas Gifts can be tricky especially when it comes to, for a husband or a wife. This year I decided to buy a couple gift of a popular and useful book in medicine that we both keep referring to all the time. Medicine is a field where we have to keep up to date all the time with new concepts, treatment regimes and pathways.

Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine has been a household name ever since I remember, right from medical school days. In those days, these books were read to pass exams. Now reading this book is almost a hobby. It suddenly makes more sense, and the thrill of holding it on my knees, flipping the pages, is extraordinary.

I still remember going over my history textbook in summer holidays once my end of school exam was over. I enjoyed history much more. During school years I absolutely hated history. I sometimes question the concept of school, knowledge and exams. What is it all meant for? Is it fulfilling the real purpose of education? What is the best way to impart knowledge and still keep it meaningful? Are children happy? Is education getting the best out for them? Will they be able to achieve their dreams? Lots of questions are unanswered for me. As long as our children are happy I suppose it is all making sense.

Writing is so wonderful.I have enjoyed connecting with people in all different ways especially as a doctor and now loving this platform.


28th December 2020 at 4:28 am

I remember assembling a few friends in a bit to write an anatomy Q & A book for med students- right after med school.
Learning is best without exams and pressures but nobody wants to abolish exams!

28th December 2020 at 7:56 am

True exams can’t be abolished. Anatomy after med school, it is the pressure which removes the pleasure of learning

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