You are very quiet!!


“Are you OK?” asked a colleague at work. “Yes, why do you ask?”. “You are very quiet today.”

One hour later another colleague said, “Why are you so quiet today?”

I really had to think about how come two people have observed the same thing in one day.

People only see masked faces these days but still, I think I must be giving out vibes of being quiet. That got me thinking further. Am I getting depressed or am I getting anxious or what is the matter. I am generally a happy person so I really took the time to observe my masked face. My eyes didn’t look sad. I did have a lot of work so I may have been overworked and preoccupied.

I really felt good about working in a place where people look out for each other. If I needed to talk to any of them I know I could sit down and offload.

Low and behold I was having a skype chat with some friends in the evening, two minutes in the conversation, one of them said, “Rishika why are you so quiet.”  I absolutely couldn’t believe what I heard. I told her how she was the third person saying this to me in one day.

I literally made an effort today that I was talking across the corridor in my loud voice because I wasn’t having any more of this quiet me. My mother always told me that my face is expressive and gives away my thoughts. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Today was a better day at work and we made a joke about three people saying the same thing.

In the evening today, I was sitting with my husband watching the news and he said, “You are quiet today.”

Oh my word, I cannot tolerate this anymore!!!



4 thoughts on “You are very quiet!!

  1. Talking drains my energy (am an introvert), but whenever people make this observation, I’ve fantasised just remaining quiet while I stare at them until they either back out or laugh nervously. Of course, I won’t be able to pull this off, but I might try this someday.

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