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The emotion of fear is, for me, quite disabling. The threat of living in danger all the time brings fear. With COVID pandemic the trepidation of daily life has been heightened. I talk to people in my job every day, anxiety has always been an issue but the restlessness has become unbearable and much too uncomfortable. Can’t sleep, can’t eat or eat too much, can’t concentrate, angry all the time, irritable, headaches, panicky and so many other symptoms that I get to hear.

For no reason, I thought my pulse was fast today. It wasn’t actually, but it felt like it. Was I getting panicky? A panic attack could set in if I didn’t control my thoughts. Lightheadedness was about to set in. But I controlled it. I did not let a headache come on. It can become so hard to relax with the body going into such a turmoil.

I absolutely love this poem. One of my favourite ones. I was reading this poem with my son and asked him to explain it in his own way. I must say I was impressed by his understanding. This poem was written around 1905 and to have the wisdom of this kind of freedom at that time shows great vision. It does leave me with an overwhelming sense of hope and courage whenever I read this poem.

I am not sure how you all deal with the fears that we live with. There is always bad news on the front of newspapers. What are we supposed to feel all day long after waking up to this, day in and day out? I do hope we can all be fearless, courageous and lead a happy life.

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