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I have seen many inspiring stories of women on social media in celebration of International Women’s Day. One that struck me on twitter was by a doctor who wrote about his #mamakhan who had come to the UK and worked as a cleaner and progressed her way up to a social worker while looking after seven children. That is immense courage and bravery, hats off to her.

Yesterday evening I met an inspiring polish lady who works as a teaching assistant by day time and in the evening provides services around parties from serving food, cleaning up to decorating the party hall. She is always smiling and never looks tired. I am always humbled by people who can do so much for others.

I did ring my mother who lives in India to check on how she was. She always proudly reminded us about International Women’s Day on the eighth of March as it fell on her Wedding Anniversary. My father is no more but she still has the memories that she lives and breathes by. Sixteen years down the line the heart still aches which is palpable in every word that she says.

Best thing today was the cricket match, India lost but that doesn’t matter. The world had an interest in women’s cricket, is truly an encouraging and futuristic saga to hold on to. Women celebrated their victory and that was great to watch. Happiness and cheers all around. Womanhood definitely to be proud of.

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