Tea Rooms

What is it about a tea room? They bring warmth. Nobody is in a hurry. That much-needed tea with a small snack presented in the very best way. When you make time for a tea room, you are sure to go in good company or even your own company. Solace is the word I find in a tea room.

Betty’s is a favourite in our area. It cannot get more quintessential than Betty’s if you are looking for an English tearoom experience. We happened to go recently. It brought me the calmness around me which I was looking for. This one in Northallerton was busy enough when we went but still quiet. I love my tea with lemon when I go there. You cannot miss the silverware. I had gone after a hectic day and not had much to eat so I needed food. Got a vegetarian sandwich with roast peppers and mushroom. They were a little bit toasted. It was excellent. My husband had a scone which he loves with the butter. 

As we were coming out we got a chocolate cake for a friend to share among all of us over the dinner at their house. The cake is so different from other places. It is heavy, not so spongy but still light, chocolaty but not so sweet and Moorish. Even the flakes feel hard and crispy so you can actually feel them. If you are coming to my area a visit to Betty’s is an essential one. Cake and drink in a tea room is part of the English lifestyle so you have to enjoy it.

I haven’t told you we are living on food at different places as we are getting our kitchen redone. It is tough living with a makeshift kitchen in the living room. It feels like a picnic every day. We can’t wait to see it all finished. Hey, be happy with whatever life keeps throwing at you.

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  1. This is part of the same Bettys “family” as the one in York, which is mega-famous. There are 6 in all dotted around Yorkshire and the one you describe is probably a lot more restful than the York branch, which reputedly gets very busy due to all the tourists. The chocolate cake sounds wonderful, and I’m tempted to give it a try when we’re in the area.

  2. I agree. Tea rooms are great. I am old enough (just) to remember going to a Lyons when I was a child. It was wonderful. We don’t have a Betty’s here, but we still have a Pattiserie Valery, who also make fantastically light cake.

  3. I have tea when reading blogs but now I crave some chocolate cake with it 🙂
    And I also wanted to let you know that you are nominated for the Liebster Award.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. I once spotted an English tea room at the Hollywood/Highland complex, after taking the TMZ Tour. It looked amaaaazing (and, given the area, was very lively). Unfortunately, they had just stopped service for the night so I didn’t get to try anything. I know we have a few tea rooms in Long Beach but I’ve never been to one… I don’t even know where they are. I’d love to try a scone with clotted cream!

  5. Here in the U.S., coffee is probably the hot drink of choice for most. My husband and I have a favorite coffee shop which offers the same kind of atmosphere as your Betty’s I think–a place where you want to sit a spell, linger over a steaming cup, and share about life with those who came along. Sometimes it’s family, sometimes friends, and often it’s just the two of us. There is something about a warm cup, in a warm atmosphere, with warm camaraderie that creates calm in our spirits. We need to go more often!

  6. My mom is 88 years old and every day at 2 o clock in the afternoon, she and her brother have tea. I love tea time. It’s a tradition that will stay in my heart forever. Whenever I am in the area, I try to pop in at tea time. Uncle Chuck especially loves when one of us kids shows up. It’s his only social interaction of the day.

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