Quit or Not

Richmond in North East of England.

I am contemplating my reasons to work. Love to write. Love to walk. Love my job as a doctor. Love my crafts. I get held back with writing these days due to my job. As you know working in NHS these days is difficult for a number of reason and can become frustrating due to time and resource constraints. How long can I or should I go on working if I am not happy with the whole situation? I think there is a time when I will have to take a decision how I want my life to go. A big reason to work is because I have to pay my bills. Yes it does pay the bills. But I think bills for me was never the reason to be doing what I am doing. 

I do want to look after myself too. Hearing stories of patient day in, day out and giving then advice to look after themselves, I need to put that into practice as well. Frustration in itself can be a big reason to become ill. I have a lot of option, change career completely, become part time or change the job or actually resign and do shifts which and when I please. I dont think I am alone in thinking along these lines. Need to find the motivation to get back on track. By the way if you see me crying it is not because I am depressed, it is because dilemma throws me completely out of my depth and I feel helpless with my situation. I am an emotional being and have been so since I was a kid.

I will keep working on my frustration, hoping for it to become better soon.


19 thoughts on “Quit or Not

  1. Of course. But if you are exhausted, you need a break. I think doctors are wonderful and I am very grateful for the NHS, but everyone has their limits. You would probably bounce back after a break. No one, doctor, teacher or otherwise, should push themselves into the red zone to take care of others.

  2. I took an interest test at the community college about 25 years ago. I was totally surprised when it revealed that I would be happier sitting at a computer screen as opposed to working around people. This changed the course of my life and I eventually retired from a satisfactory job. There are interest tests on the internet now.

  3. if you can cut back on t=your work and still maintain your lifestyle, then try and do so. i am not aware of the retirement age etc. of where you live or if you even get any sort of retirement money. but can you retire?

    i fully understand about the medical field as i am an RN here in the usa and know full well the pressures those in the healthcare face.

    the last 5 yrs that i worked , i was working for the state of california as a health facilities evaluator. which means i made sure nursing homes/hospitals maintained the laws of the state and federal govt.

    i know it is different here in the usa than it is in the uk.

    but you can not care for others if you are not caring for yourself, first.

    good luck.

  4. Retirement age here is 67 which is far far away but we can retire early with some penalty. I am going to look back at cutting back. Thank you very much for being so understanding and for your advice

  5. Take your time thinking about what to do, but give yourself a break from your job now and then. Stress can wear us all down. Plan how you want to handle your future and then put your plan into action. Good luck, take care of yourself.

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