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Any Indian meal can be spiced up with Pakoras or Bhajis. As Hindus we are celebrating Durga Puja which is a ten day fasting and ends on Tuesday. World over people observe fasting . We eat simple food once a day, so kind of fasting. A lot of people will only eat fruits and vegetables all ten days.It feels good and pure. On the tenth day after offering food to Durga Ma- the goddess of bravery and courage- people will eat normal food.

During these fasting periods- we don’t eat any meat, fish or eggs and also no garlic and onions. So food can be bland if you are not taking care of spices and side dishes.Yesterday I had many different raw vegetables left over in small quantities, cauliflower ,broccoli, aubergine. could have added carrots. Coriander leaves, green chillies and turmeric powder brings colour. Cut up a potato – in smal pieces along with all the vegetables- mixed everything with pepper and salt and the binding agent was Besan- gram flour. Once the batter was ready- deep fry the mixture as small balls dropped in the hot oil with a spoon. Any food tastes so good when you eat it with hot freshly made pakoras. We ate it with rice and dal.

Pakoras I feel is a good way of getting vegetables into children. They don’t realise whats in the pakoras and because it tastes so good – children will simple eat them very quickly. A hearty meal with family time brings a lot fun and happiness. A happy festive seasions to all.


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