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At least ten times in a day I see my face, there are mirrors everywhere- toilets, hallways, dressing area. I realised yesterday that I was looking different. New make up was doing the job and I kept admiring my skin each time I saw myself in the mirror. That was not enough I asked my husband and kids if something looked different and did I look more beautiful. Got odd looks from all of them and a big, not so meaningful “YES of course”.

Late forties, getting to menopause and I have got pigmentation and freckles on my face. Thats me and I like it. Yes I look older for sure but I cannot change it. I see one new shining grey hair nearly everyday. Compare my old photographs and the change is so much. I see my mother and think – definitely thats going to be me. I want to embrace the fact that I am getting older but it is hard.

I love doing make up but with age that is getting less of a charm. Accept me as I am. Make up changes who I am. My own age celebrities do not do any favours by posting the best photographs . It makes me feel so in adequate. Why have I not maintained myself well?My mental health well being is important for me and I need to look after it.

I have control of my emotions so I don’t let media dictate me. Hope that continues. Nobody should have to worry about looking prettier, thinner, colouring their hairs and forever straightening them. It is difficult to live in our own bodies and accept who we are. Happiness is in acceptance and getting on with who we really are.

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