Justin Beiber is struggling.Really. But why. Money, love, fame he has it all. Isn’t this a common theme with many celebrities, when they have all practical aspects covered, they start to struggle mentally. One of the worst struggles. What is about mental health that they can’t get right? Why does it hit them so hard that they resort to drugs, alcohol or medication. They can afford therapists, pastors, doctors-whatever they can pay and buy.

Maybe it isn’t about money then. What is it then? How can you get mental peace. Family and friends are my mantras for a healthy mental wellbeing. In a time of crisis we look for people,to hang on to. It would be better, if you kept in touch all the time. Do these big shots have friends, and actual friends, I mean. They are a hard one to find and keep. If you have one, you are very lucky but learn how to keep friends. Do these big shots have family? Of course they have and I hope they have. How often do they talk to them and why do they talk to them. Both family and friends have to be selfless and more for giving. You will GET automatically.

People from all walks of life,struggle a lot these days. It’s all about stats these days. How many followers, how many likes, how many comments. It’s hard to not look at these . But how do you deal with these is very important. How much do they affect you? As far as celebrities go,media definitely does not help. Always looking for stories and make them look as much saleable as they can. Even jounalists have a job and they have their own stats to look out for.

I hope Justin Beiber finds help and peace. So important that we have good mental health and keep happy.

10 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. well written Rishi, family n friends are a great support , at times when we are feeling low.

  2. Absolutely right. You need family and friends at all times -to dispel gloom and to celebrate life. Well done Rishi!

  3. Nothing remains static in the universe,either you move upwards or fall down.We should always aim to see a better version of ourselves with each coming day!

  4. If happiness could be bought from money all rich with money could be happy. So nicely written Rishi. It is Family and Friends who are pillars of strength for sharing joys and managing pains. So true..

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