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Do what you want- no school, no work-thats a weekend. Therefore no need for a routine,no compulsions , yessssss, thats what I like about a weekend. Not really sure though there is still the dirty pile of clothes, the empty fridge – oh no. Oh yes , can’t skip the shopping ,washing and my weekly cooking.

My child has been kind to me today – he helped with the washing and shopping. Relished the help and secretly loved it but can’t show it. I like to take permisiion if I really really want a hug and sometimes I get one.Ummm so love it.I dont think kids understand this.Somedays I want to touch him ,I tell him so and I might get a finger – Mom boundaries-Okay got it. Refrain from the full on hug that I had as a prerogative when kids were babies.

Moms will be moms and children never grow up for them.

Have a good weekend everybody.


Writing is so wonderful.I have enjoyed connecting with people in all different ways especially as a doctor and now loving this platform.


11th February 2019 at 1:55 pm

So true!Kids will always be kids for moms !

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