Cold but dry and the wind also very cold. Sun was out. Thats enough you have to go for  a walk. I was trying to challenge myself with bigger strides amd quicker ones too. My kids and husband always complain I walk too slow. Short height, so short legs and short little steps – well I can’t achieve much-can I .But today I was trying hard to keep up with family, I was huffing, puffing, panting, sweating but husband and son kept walking ahead so it was harder and harder to get to them. I could have gotten angry at them- which I do sometimes , whats the point of a walk if you guys are not walking with me. If I am walking alone then best to come alone, but their aim is to get me more stamina. Grateful in some way. The thing about UK is its a beautiful country. Every town and city has  beautiful walks and parks all over . The whole atmosphere looks lovely. Duck ponds and little children all around. You just have to make the most of life in which ever form its given to you. Even if its chilly.

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