That’s enough crowd


‘Ok ,Why have you brought me here -it’s so crowded ‘the woman kept repeating to the well dressed man beside her .

‘Darling Marg we have been coming here for years and you have seen it much worse -this is nothing as compared to 6 pm .’

I think to myself what’s up with them .They seem to be in their early seventies ,look fit and healthy and well kept.Man seemed to get frustrated and Marg was ever so nice to him -kept brushing his coat with such love and care.Her face looked distant though.

‘Marg we have taken so many trips from this station and you did promise me that we will travel together.Do you remember when we went from Port Authority to see Megan last week.’

‘Yes Megs ‘ comes a lost short reply from Marg.

What’s he fighting against I wonder .I am not sure how long I can stand this .They must have had a lovely life together and thought they would retire well and enjoy life but looks like Marg is going downhill with Dementia .May be or may be not for his sake .He seems to be in denial .He will not give up .

‘Our train is in thirty minutes and I am taking you Marg to our favourite cafe for coffee and cake -you will remember it ,the wonderful afternoons we have had together ‘

Marg looks at the station and says ‘Can I go home -this is very crowded’

‘Ok Love if that’s what will keep you happy.’

16 thoughts on “That’s enough crowd

  1. Touching… You brought out the warmth & confidence of having a partner in old age and the pain of losing that partner to time & age, both well… The exchanges between them was well writing, Rishika…

  2. It’s heart rendering to suffer like this in old age but I strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle can prevent this too!If at all one suffers the impact will be negligible and manageable.Beautifully written though 👍

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