Things I like


Well where do I start -I like so many things

I have just had a spoonful of Nutella-first thing before breakfast on a Sunday so definitely I like chocolate,which leads on to say I like Kitkat and Fruit & Nut Cadbury Bars.

I like walking especially in company mostly it’s my husband who gets me out so we end up walking together most of the time.My colleagues are big enthusiasts of walking as well which gets us some fresh air few lunch times.I am not in any rambling groups because I don’t like any more commitments than I already have.In a way this is saying walking and company both are enjoyable.

I love a good cup of roast coffee.Before writing this blog -I thought of getting a cup of coffee from one of our local cafes and sit in the car and do this .The guy in the shop said they don’t do take away cups as disposing them is expensive so bought myself a beautiful mug and now sitting in the car in the middle of nature and writing my blog – so in essence I like coffee,wilderness,car drive,beautiful coffee mug and writing .

I like lazy days so much ,where I absolutely don’t have to get out of bed ,shower and get ready -just laze around in pyjamas from kitchen table to couch in front of the TV to back to bed -and finish a book .Aim of the day is only to read a book .Must say this sounds real normal .

Nature in itself is infinite beauty .I like the daffodils now coming through and actually in some supermarkets too.Such freshness and the look of spring is definitely a thing of joy.Yesterday bought some yellow roses and arranged it in our hallway.Brightens up the whole space.

Ok so these are a few of my favourite things.I really could go on and on about what I like but this is definitely a long blog.

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  1. I can relate to this so much I am sat in bed with a cup of tea and chocolate before breakfast haha love Sundays my favourite day by far

  2. Too good a read! Loved to go through it…finding joy in innumerable little things in life. Remembered Keats: A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever.

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