Why do I write


I have always felt that I want to write.Didn’t know where to start.Near the end of 2018 I was listening to Radio 5 Live , a lady mentioned her dream was to write and the conclusion during the talk was blogging is the easiest way to start.Thats what got me started.

Now once I have done a few post -blogging feels like the best way of expressing myself.Its like painting,its like photography,it’s a hobby.

Throughout the day I am mindful of my surroundings looking for inspirations,positivity to share on my blogs.Somedays I become heady with ideas and start keeping notes.Mind you I also have a busy day job-being a General Practitioner is hectic and needs full concentration.I love my job too.That gives me ideas .

After writing a blog -it feels so fulfilling.I get reviews from friends and family which is taken on board .People keep saying write medical blogs which I will surely do.

It’s been a therapeutic journey to say the least .The sense of achievement for me is immense because I have never written before in public domain .It does feel being exposed to the world but who am I in this big universe so does it matter.I am a very normal person.

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  1. Rishika,you are a beautiful sole who I adore. Your love for your family is clear to see. Being mindful is a wonderful thing. Keep writing 😘

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