Happy Days

It’s only 5 pm so can also fit in the weekly shopping at least a few things-We had only one bag but of course over shopped -had to carry one bag hat and gloves and the plastic milk -all at once to put in the boot .Yes the milk slipped in the supermarket car park .What a splash of pure white milk on my very dark blue jeans and shoes-was I embarrassed-no I am normal-things happen.I had overdone things because I had walked 12000 steps before that .My body was probably tired -there could have been a bit more balance -but we were in our spirits after an incredible walk in the cold and dusk -with breathtaking views

13 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. Are you normal !!!
    I would have been so flustered and embarrassed . Would never have seen the besuty in the spilt milk as’ white……”.

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