Closet over over ——

Cleared up my closet first thing today -never knew it can feel so good to remove clothes esp the ones I hadn’t even touched for the last year or so .My HEAD seems to be cleared up .Ready for a big bowl of porridge and then later of course the walk .

20 thoughts on “Closet over over ——

  1. Loved it! Can’t help sharing the same feeling. Always feel muddled till my cupboard or wardrobe is in order.

  2. Love to read your blog. First of all lots of congratulations for the beginning of new journey of life.
    De cluttering is my passion to keep my mind, home and family free from congestion. Simple mantra of de cluttering is either useful or beautiful. If things don’t meet both, just pass it on to needy one…
    Wishing you good luck and waiting for many more.

  3. This can be the best thing to do.Uncluttered spaces pave way for a blissful happy living…long way to go dr Rishika sinha 👍

  4. Wow I did the same thing 2day….and feel so happy to see my wardrobe so organised….thanls Rishi for sharing ur experience.

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