Covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives. It has changed the world. The conversation on radio today was around high streets and cities. It made me think. These will change for sure. For once it may actually become more vibrant and a more sociable place rather than only based around job and economy. It may … Continue reading Turmoil


Definitely, somedays are better than others. On a good day, I might feel quite energetic. In fact, I could call today a good day. meditation and stretches to start the day off. A full day of work with a super bunch of people; did not even feel like work in actual fact. Family walk along … Continue reading Energetic!!


Grandma, Mother, Me and my kids all have been so different. I can relate to my mother and grandmother to a great extent. Our thinking around studies and career was similar. We respected our elders, abided by rules and regulations, lived according to moral values as per our times. I learnt countries and capitals which … Continue reading Generations