Climate Change

Palm oil is being used in everything, from biscuits to makeup and most of the time it is not sustainable, due to the fact that it is obtained from deforestation. The Amazon, South east Asia and Africa have big areas where forests have been cut down to plant these trees. Orangutans  and elephants find it … Continue reading Climate Change


Hey, yes I have made this. Day off so met up with some ladies who do Card and Coffee regularly. Loved it so much . It was therapeutic going back to colouring,using glitter , bow making .using glue . It was marvellous. Learnt some tricks of sticking things. Having a coffee with ladies that I … Continue reading Creative


  Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comLibraries are such a calm place.I mostly buy books and have so many at home. Not sure its a good idea to have so many books at home. Now they are spilling all over the garage too.Every room has a small to big bookshelf with enough books on them. I … Continue reading Library


#suicide #mental health #hope #sanfrancisco Golden Gate Bridge with so many of these signs. A place known for suicides. San Francisco and it’s surrounding is such a beautiful place .Full of tourists. All so happy and cheerful but then you witness these signs. There is hope - absolutely. I want to think there is always … Continue reading Hope