Take on a challenge!!

These days my challenge for myself is to try and do yoga at least three days a week. On the weeks that I have been able to do it I feel really accomplished. It is a very doable task. We have to be kind to ourselves.

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There was a market in our little village square yesterday. It was all outdoors and well spaced out. Most of the things were locally made and sourced. I bought a local gin and of course had to come and taste it after reaching home. There was a young girl with her stall of t-shirts which I got for the children, she had done tie and dye herself.

My favourite of all was a jewellery making stall. There was a couple on this counter- sort of in their seventies, man and woman. Unique glass jewelleries on display. I could not help but ask them which one of them did it. The man started off telling us about his jewellery making in his garden shed and how he had learnt it of YouTube. I mean that must have been a challenge, but now it gets them out and about with their pop up shop. My husband and myself thought highly about this couple.

A new skill to learn and do something new must feel so good. I used to do a lot of craft and embroidery but haven’t done in a while. A friend of mine gave me set of table  cloths, I have been thinking about doing some embroidery on it for a while as it is a bit plain. I am spurred on to start it now. It is not a new skill but still going to be a challenge for me to find the time and bring out all my stuff along with the tracing paper. Makes me feel already happy even without starting. I better go. Enjoy your day.

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