Not easy.

Nature at its best.

Covid has made people realise a lot of things. Even without covid the biggest emotional dilemma that I feel everyday is that all my elders have been left behind in India. We came and settled down in the UK and we have no regrets about it. We love being here.

Now that covid is rampant in India telecom is the only saviour. I spoke to a few friends and relatives as I was feeling helpless. It saddens me to think that I cannot be there when people need us the most. Though I am not sure being there is making much of a difference. Conditions are getting from bad to worse.

I hope and pray to God to keep people safe. Wash hands. Wear face mask. Maintain distance. I feel these are the fundamentals for covid regulation. Nature may seem harsh but it has its own ways of keeping things right. Be positive and keep going.

5 thoughts on “Not easy.

  1. I completely agree with you that unless we all align ourselves with the rules of nature, it’s bound to punish us to keep things right. We all have to mend our erring ways and please the mother nature with our discipline.

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