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Competitive, yes that’s what it gets to, some evenings in our house. Bring out any board game and it gets down to pen, paper, scores and counting. Favourites being Four in Row, Chess and the best of all is Scrabble. We all love words. Some days even to the extent of etymology.

It is fun playing games as a family but scrabble was one of our favourites straight after marriage. Course work was always top of the list ,yes definitely but relaxation was scrabble. My husband also loves it. We had to have something in common and for us ,one was scrabble. Both could play for hours with full thinking and strategy. No chance of giving in. By all means defeat the other was the only motto. Even if it meant spoiling the other ones chance of getting a triple word – go for it. Very few times I have used all my seven letters in a word and gotten an extra 50 points, that’s surely made my month what say day. To this day I glorify myself for it.

Its the genetics that we see still continuing. Our kids enjoy it as well. All our competitions are limited to the board games at home. None of us really enjoy comparisons and jealousy , surrounding things outside the house. In a way I am glad if we have to compete we compete against ourselves. That’s exactly what they teach in schools as well. Its a good coping mechanism and also keeps stress out of daily little tests and exams in schools.

Talk of genetics, I must says I have probably acquired family games from my dad and grandmother. My grandmother, aunties, dad, mother-they were all absolute card addicts. Summer months in India, where I grew up as a child and also a big part of adulthood, used to be so hot and it was best we all sat down indoors to play cards. Oh my word it was such fun playing cards with all these elders. Competition brought in spice in the games, mind you only for that afternoon, the buddies in the games were soulmates and somehow could talk in code words but no, no, they did not cheat. The thing was though these buddies would change next day but still language remained the same and all understood each other. The experience had made them very clever. That’s what us little ones were told. Now thinking about all of them, they were really cheeky. Love them all so much.

The thing is these days there is no end of competitions- clothes, house , cars , ha ha and the best one figure. If only I could compete with figure, I gave up on that one long ago. I do like myself as I am. I was telling a friend and also actually to myself that I have lost objectivity when it comes to my own weight. I never think I look bad in the mirror- well that’s it I am good as far as figure is concerned , No need for any competition , if I had , I might – – – – – -ah well never mind. Lets leave it at that, shall we.

Sports can be competitive and should be, otherwise there is no fun. Best part is when family and friends differ and support different teams or players. Cricket is the most popular as far as hubby is concerned. Its always been ,never have figured out why though. Football, tennis leave households completely torn apart sometimes. Did I get guided by looks when supporting players – yes sounds about right. The other one that’s popular in our household is boxing. I don’t like it though.

Bring on elections and political parties, mandates and views. No consensus on anything. Not sure if I even want to discuss politics especially with the current Brexit. Too much of a mess. Its hard to fathom that parliament debate is held in such a manner, not sure in what light is it projected to our kids who question mannerisms and etiquette in any case.

I am not sure if competition is important in life. It can motivate people to do well. Well , for what. Ok lets see for example admission in a good university is tough and requires immense hard work with stupendous results, personal statements, applications,extracurriculars and interviews. The process is tough to say the least. Should these kids compete with peers or not. It makes life miserable but sometimes it can all be taken in the stride. How do we inculcate the intelligence of being competitive but not really? Where should be the limit? Is there the need at all? I so wish I had these answers. I think the key to it all is Happiness. The moment you are not happy ,one should step back and think again about what’s happening. Is this the right path for them? But surely not be giving up either.

One more thing I feel is important – is to give everybody their space. Who is the next generation ? Its definitely not me. We need to rely in the upcoming generations and the systems in place. Hopefully they will go the right way and take on the right paths, and best of all be Happy.

Going back to scrabble, the sense of achievement on finishing all the letters is great and actually getting to the end,the board also looks full and interesting. Nowadays kids are smarter and cleverer which means I get a checkmate most of the time when playing chess. No don’t say loosing to your child must feel good, nope not at all. Frustrated totally after that. Recently went for a party and there were loads of games arranged for adults and yes everybody enjoyed it .Of course we gossiped too. Hey if you all don’t indulge in family and friends games or haven’t done in a while, please do so. Its great fun.

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