One hour of today left me so panicked. Finished work and had my gym bag with a very clear head for some cardio, some resistance and a swim with relaxation in jacuzzi and steam room. As I reached the car , sat inside to drive and it dawned on me it had been snowing. Every car was moving so cautiously, roads didn’t seem to be gritted very well. One line of cars on the dual carriageway. People didn’t want to drive on the sides in case there was ice. Very slow moving traffic.

I somehow only thought about home and what if we get snowed in. In my head now , the only thought was get stocked up for the weekend . I must reach the supermarket near the house and do the essentials. Slowly and surely need to drive very carefully . Could hear my husband saying as if sitting beside me – drive slow,keep the distance and don’t brake . Reached the market and started filling up my trolley . Ok essentials like milk, egg, bread, as many tinned and long lasting things . Must also stock up the freezer. Total frenzy and the trolley was quickly full.

Panicked is what the mode was. I don’t generally get into a huff and puff like this. I mean what did I think that my kids and family would go hungry. Blasphemy, sacrilege-it doesn’t work like this , things don’t get so bad . I don’t know what was going through my head .

When I came to the tills and started putting things on the counter that I realised how much I had bought and sure enough the bill was big too. How did I get into this super protective homemaker woman and get so so much of stuff. I even confessed to the woman at the checkout what I had done . I have this habit of talking to strangers on the checkout and telling them my tales and always ending my talk with take care and have a nice day. Nice day – right.

Came out of the supermarket -what – the sun was out. What am I going to do with so much of food .Oh no. Now it’s all paid for , don’t be stupid to go back in – put them in boot and go home – came my inner voice. Okay reach home unload shopping and put them in the right places . Now what , I have no will to go to the gym . Such a good afternoon with a great me time all wasted in the shop.

What can I say , don’t let weather spoil your day . Hey do you know what I have had a lovely afternoon with 2 cups of tea, omelette lunch and The Good Wife.

Have a lovely weekend all of you and take care.

7 thoughts on “Panicked

  1. The panic button does get pressed unintentionally at times! The key is to have faith in the almighty ànd that can only come by regular practice of meditation.Then you witness everything as an observer and life becomes so serene and peaceful!

  2. Hey , you should have checked the weather forecast on your phone ! 😛! But that’s how the brain works at that time . Well written Rishi !! Keep writing !

  3. Muah, loved your story. The protective instinct in us kicks in which is what happened in your case. Let things be in your freezer if the expiry dates permit; snow can happen any time!

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